Bali 05.04.15

Sunday the 5th of April

Happy Easter! The sacrificial period of lent saw me give up chocolate for the entirety of the Easter Holidays and there was no reason to ‘admit this was a struggle’ as the tropical paradise of Nusa Dua did little to tempt me. Instead of being surrounded by supermarket aisles of confectionary, I was surrounded by clear blue oceans and serene beaches. And cocktails. More cocktails please. As for that alcohol problem? It’s no problem no longer. Dad grew fed up with the band rubbing on his wrist hence now it is sitting snugly on mine. My parents handed me a card reading “Just for You at Easter: Especially at Easter, hoping you know how special you are – and how often you are thought about. Have a wonderful day with love.” This gesture I appreciate more than I can express. Actually I am rather impressed they found a card that said exactly what I needed to hear and had a bunny rabbit on it. I am enjoying the company of my parents more than I thought I ever would – their understanding in the recent weeks has been gratefully received and has stabilised our sometimes tempestuous relationship.

The pathway to our accommodation is surrounded by fine grass spotted sporadically with thin trunked trees that reach far above the three story stacked rooms. A lengthy wooden bridge spans above a still body of water that is green with the wildlife that inhabits it. A sophisticated long-necked white ardea alba bird stands on the rocks bordering the lake as a varanus lizard wades through the refreshing water to gaze curiously at me, and I gaze curiously at it. The colours composing this lush landscape could only have been hand picked from the truest hues of the finest painters palette. The distant ocean glitters with the the reflection of the scorching sun that has already reached its peak high is the cloudless sky, forecasting another beautiful day in paradise.

Naturally, i had just finished applying sunscreen when the downpour started. The splash of rain was over within ten minutes, just long enough for my sunscreen to sink in. It was as if to say welcome to monsoon country. Apart from that momentary interruption, the conditions remained perfect to have a do nothing day with – you guessed it – cocktails by the pool.

Never before have I given myself a purpose in going on vacation. This may seem unclear and I struggle to verbalise my meaning without providing some form of background. Frankly I struggle to verbalise my meaning at all. The beginning of the year was marked with a lavish celebration – a house party attended by all of year twelve. As is to be stereotypically expected, it marked the turning of a new chapter in the lives of all the high school graduates. Entering the real world meant leaving the confines of adolescence in the past along with tedious institutionalised practices such as mandatory subjects and the higher school certificate. The future had never been more immediate or promising; the potential to grow to establish a place in society no longer a conception, but a reality. Although this may not have been at the forefront of the partygoers minds, their inebriation taking precedence, the energy of the evening was undeniable. Despite this, I was not in the mood. I spent much of the evening (intoxicated) collapsed on Daniel’s lap whose mind was similarly occupied by other problems.

My new year did not have a promising start. As a quarter of 2015 has since played its course and I am not too well as a result, I believe now is the perfect time to address the happenings of the past four months in writing with the hope of a cathartic conclusion. I have kept a travel journal documenting the every detail of my adventures since I was young, hence this is not only a continuation of that tradition, but a means to empty the contents of my brain that have been troubling me onto paper where it will bother me no longer. I hope to find closure and peace through this means and I don’t believe that is an irrational expectation in the setting of this relaxing tropical paradise.

Never have I noticed mum this excited. She barely takes a breath as she talks endlessly of trapeze circus, water activities and mainland safari. Like a tourist attractions notice board, she rambles off the countless activities that can occupy your time on the island. I must have repeated myself at least six times of my wish to simply relax for the day. Her nagging prospered only a little for I held my ground – she and I went stand up paddle boarding and swam in the Zen Pool. Call it a compromise of sorts. It wasn’t quite enough for her, evidently, as she ran parallel to the beach for forty minutes or so, trailing dad behind her and earning a painful sunburn. I meanwhile did as I had planned and relaxed by the pool. I was surprised to find the beach water was no cooler than that of the pool – and had a slightly offensive smell of seaweed.

My heart was racing. I pulled the door closed behind me, doubling back quickly to reach for the room key I nearly forgot in my haste. My eyes searched the blackened sky for any spark of light. Taking three upward stairs in each stride, I simultaneously buttoned the shorts I had yanked on to avoid an incidence of public indecency. I continued to search for a sign of the unexplained noise in my surroundings which I had at first dismissed to be banging from a cleaning cart. The explosive bursts continued, my heartbeat drumming with increasing volume in the background. The fireworks fizzled to conclusion before I could catch eye of them. I was reminded it was Easter. The dining area was decorated with rabbits carved from whole watermelon and the dessert table was laden with platters of chocolate amongst the usual cakes. Mum and I approached, eyeing the ornaments moulded from chocolate. I am close to eighteen years of age but I still needed my mother to ask if we could take one – the kind man behind the table offered me a large marbled egg and by the way that it rattles I think there might be something inside. It was a display fit to put a smile on the faces of both young and old. Club Med played all its cards with a pen of bunny rabbits on display also. Happy Easter friends across the world.


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