Bali 06.04.15

Monday the 6th of April

I am the kind of person who will live out of a suitcase while overseas rather than make the hotel room closet my own. I am adaptive but stubborn, and not fast to warm to change. Do not expect me to surprise you with a spontaneous haircut or activity too far out of my comfort zone. Above all, I read like a book. I am not cryptic; each true emotion is expressed due to my inability to hide any  aspect of my personal life. Recently my company has noticed the increasing gloominess registered across my countenance – almost as much as my seeming stressed which is most commonly commented on. Graduating from high school to immediately enrol into university is what is most widely expected of my generation, and, for one who is not only uninviting of change but to some extent resistant to it, this ideal is no smooth transition.

I am sure fellow first years will agree that although the university semester is only five weeks into its duration, the easter break could not have been more anticipated. It is a much needed holiday from the new world of campus life so shockingly different from high school which was home for the past seven years. The close knit community of friends and teachers that formed a support network is lacking in university. Time expended in travelling is fourteen times what it took to get to school. Constant assignments amongst coursework is difficult and relying on self-motivation. Such is not even slightly surprising of this new environment; the rude awakening I perceived was that university was so very different from what I had expected. Four weeks of university was more than enough for me at this moment. Taking this into account, I made my decision to defer.

Do not be so quick to judge my decision to defer from university. The time leading up to the start of semester had me truly afraid of the prospect of having to interact with new people which did not diminish as university began its course. The tedious question recurring throughout high school concerning what I wanted to study in the future was always answered vaguely. When the deadline for course preference submission approached, my first choice was a bachelor of arts and business degree at UNSW “because I don’t know what I want to do with my life, let alone what I want to study, so this will give me the ability to test out the waters with various subjects and the business side of things will provide the possibility to go into management.” Although my justification was well thought out, my passion was lacking as I choose this course because I didn’t know what else to choose.

Four weeks, even three, into the semester I had realised business was not for me. Now having deferred I can truly say I have a clearer picture of what I want to do and how I will go about it. When I return to university near the end of August, I will pursue a double major in a bachelor of arts degree in which I will study international relations, politics, sociology and anthropology, and development studies. I want to build a career in diplomacy, and through this flexible degree I will be able to study courses that will allow me to have a unique understanding of international politics. Aspiring lawyers study law; aspiring doctors study medicine; aspiring engineers study engineering; there is no straight-forward path for a diplomat hence a bachelor or arts will let me create my own program for my own direction.

NEWS FLASH!! Oh the irony! This is so perfect you would think I had invented it for the sake of a story. But know I would never resort to untrue or even exaggerated journalism for my self-interest. As it should be clear by now, I am in the Club Med Resort in Nusa Dua BALI. Having lathered up in sunscreen to protect my bikini clad figure from the brightly blazing sun, I strolled to the events desk where I had arranged to meet mother on the hour. As i searched the lobby, my vision came into contact with that of a young handsome hotel clerk. I inquired whether the beach party will be taking place tonight, as I had missed out the previous evening. He asked my name. He took my hand and introduced himself, “I am Katut. I will look out for you at the beach party tonight.” I had been hit on by Katut in Bali! My life was becoming an AMI safe driver commercial – I had better take extra care to avoid the imprint of a sunglasses burn.


The hut my parents and I have claimed for the day is conveniently on the direct left of the beach bar. A comfortable shadow hangs over the ashy wooden floorboards from the canopy assembled above. A ceramic table, two arm chairs and a laying bed accommodate us, along with an outdoor speaker hidden in the garden that has entertained us with a playlist of uninterrupted eighties love songs. The enclosure is open to the light breeze wafting from the ocean, the tall palm trees and flourishing flora a picturesque landscape to look upon.

My cocktail for the day is the Mojito: fresh lime chunks and mint leaves mixed with rum and soda water is the perfect refresher whilst basking in the sun! This was almost as delicious and the dark skinned GO’s wearing very unmanly pink bathing suits and bunny rabbit ears. Damn I wish I had joined in on pool aerobics today! I did not miss out, however, as the staff joined guests in the foam pit shortly after. So this was what I had missed out on every few months at Carmen’s Nightclub. I must admit I don’t understand why anyone would enjoy dancing in the firing line of a foaming cannon whilst fully clothed. I am yet to experience this at Miranda Hotel but at Club Med Bali, amongst the children making foam angles, it released my inner child.

The Deck Bar

For the afternoon I had booked in a balinese massage. Eighty minutes of pressure applied from my toes to my temples achieved full body tension release. I arrived at the spa centre as dark clouds formed around the island, exerting quiet rumbles of thunder somewhere in the distance. I had barely sat down with a moist mint towelette and tea when the downpour began – I should come to expect this daily in Bali. The reception was decorated in vibrant maroon and earthy tones with low poofs resembling large stones assembled in its centre. I breathed in the calming scent of lemongrass as an attendant approached me for my choice of oil. Harmony oil for relaxation and to balance the mind may as well have been formulated specifically for me – it satisfied its description. I feel totally zen.

One of my all time favourite movies was playing on Fox Movies Premium while I was waiting for mum to get ready for dinner – I almost considered skipping food and bunkering in for the night to watch Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland on my hotel room television. The evening featured a beach party to celebrate Easter Monday with lots of careless dancing and even more chocolate. Fairy lights wrapped around a stencil reading Bali 2015 illuminated the beach. This has marked a memorable easter holiday.


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