Europe 10.06.15

Wednesday the 10th of June

I have not been able to shake the strange feeling that has been prodding at my patience this day. It is as if my tolerance is completely exhausted and I have not been able to improve my mood. The city of Antwerp could not be better suited to me and this past week I have felt at home. Plainly, I don’t want to leave. I find myself already making plans as to when I will come back and what I will do – but what first comes to mind is that I will soon have to leave this place and be on my way. Then my life will be back to boring reality.

Whilst I am still on holidays and the rules of everyday life do not apply, I am going to eat a freshly pressed waffle smothered in chocolate from The Smallest Waffle Shop on the corner of the Meir.

The warm afternoon could not be ignored so I indulged in the shining sun at Appelmans Brasserie – my new favourite spot to have a drink and catch up on my journal entries. Firstly a frozen strawberry daiquiri made with bacardi superior rum, fresh lime and sugarcane. The bartender caught my accent and questioned where I was from; he is soon to spend some time in Australia. He was by far the best customer service I had yet received as he provided friendly conversation while I drank my ‘summer of love’ cocktail with betida de coco, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, passion fruit and a hint of strawberry.

I was beyond excited to get to see Marieke, Marjan and Katrien once more before I had to leave. Although the girls had exams, they made their way to me for pizza at the famous Da Giovannis, an obviously Italian restaurant set up in three separate stores situated only a store from one another. This chain proved to be popular with its many tables decked and occupied but we did not have to wait long for our thin-crust plate-sized pizzas. The night came to a close and we had difficulty parting ways. We hugged and hugged again. We spoke of the next time we would hope to see each other. I will miss these girls more than I can express in words; these old friends had made my week alone so much more comfortable and my last night the perfect ending to this portion of my holiday.


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