Europe 25.06.15

Thursday the 25th of June

I am surprised I got out of bed. I am surprised everyone else got out of bed. Only half the bus was full for our early trip into central Amsterdam where we had planned to go canal cycling on four-person water bikes. I believe those who had signed up for this optional (myself included) had misunderstood the concept of canal cycling as we had expected to take a bike ride around the city, but nonetheless this was a refreshing activity after the previous evenings escapades. We disembarked at the docking area aside the Westerkerk which was circled with a long line of tourists eager to enter Anne Frank’s House around the corner. I had already explored the main museums in the time I had traveled with my family and felt in dire need of a solemn rest day before our last evening out which was bound to be intense. My first objective of my time alone was a nutella waffle with fresh strawberries accompanied by an espresso. From here on I was ready to tackle the shopping street and explore this area of Amsterdam that I was not quite familiar with. The bus I caught home had been more efficient than the previous night’s taxi and allowed me enough time to rest up for our last night together.

We went to the Chinese Sea Palace restaurant which appeared to be floating on the blue waters of the lake. Whilst my go-to take away in Australia is sushi from our local Japanese joint up the street, Chinese cuisine is popular eating in The Netherlands. After this final meal of stir-fries and rice and soya beans and spring rolls, we said a great thank you to Michael and Paolo who had been our lifeline for the past two weeks of travelling (they attempted to quiet me up as I gave a quick speech thinking the three glasses of red wine I had gulped down had already reached my head. Pfft soft.)

Our contiki company was granted a tour around the party hotspots in the Red Light District lead by Michael – which I must admit I am not quite healthy enough to remember. That night I fell from the top bunkbed directly into my suitcase causing a dark bruise on the inside of my foot, just one indication of my state during that night. My phone was another means of evidence of events. I  had recorded a video of the boys of mushrooms, a drug that is legal in Amsterdam. Our featured conversation is a debate about why the sun is rising at 10:30 in the evening. I asked him why he did shrooms – his reply: I have insurance.
Once again: Amsterdam – enough said.


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