Europe 30.06.15

Tuesday the 30th of June

I have not yet been home for two minutes and I am already planning my next adventure. Next year I will be back in Europe backpacking through Denmark, Hamberg, Berlin, a little stop in Poland, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Croatia, and then back to Venice, Milan, Switzerland and home to Amsterdam and Antwerp where I will attend university and finally via Barcelona, Madrid and somewhere in Portugal on the way back to Australia. Next time I will be gone for months in hostels amongst the locals in the heat of the summer! And I will keep adding to the pages of my journal (as always) the adventures which will form everlasting memories. And until then I have a whole year to work and plan and learn and study!

But for now it is back to the real world and to responsibility.

I am astounded by all that has happened in the short month I have been away. Mum has sped into cycling with the wives of the B Bay Bike Riders of which dad is member to the extent that she has now bought a road bike for her early morning rides. Meanwhile dad has enrolled in university. HE ENROLLED IN UNIVERSITY. He is going to take a weekly evening class at the University of Sydney studying philosophy to earn his diploma in this area. Bella and Daniel have both finished their first semester of studying and are very much enjoying their month long holiday. Also I have been informed that McDonalds now has a self serve booth in which you can create your own burger in a lettuce leaf. And I can’t forget that same-sex marriage has been legalised by the Supreme Court in all 50 states of America which warranted the bigoted response of our current Prime Minister Tony Abbott (who I will eventually replace), “what happens in the US is a matter for them.” It has been a month. Only one short month.

All I want to do is wash my clothes and go back to Europe!

My day has been spent suffering from the dreaded Contiki Cough and reluctantly weaselling out of the advances of my friends who I am desperate to see after the past month of estrangement. I have many mixed feelings regarding the real world that I must commit to for the foreseeable future: living in this house; going to university; working at the cafe; listing my booooooring livelihood consisting of the common activities not worth reading or writing about. My current primary concern is running out of dutch food. The almost full packet of stroopwafels given to me by Oma Rita right before I left is now empty, I had eaten at least eight by myself in a very short matter of time. I guess that means I had better go back and restock? I wish.

It will take me a while to adjust to being a student once again instead of getting to travel. For the moment it is the people I will miss the most. I made some wonderful friends who I wish I could get to know better but our sweet two weeks together have fostered stories I will cherish forever and hopefully some of these bonds formed won’t ever break. My next attempt at travelling will be very different to my past month. It will not be as easy. Contiki removed the difficulty of planning so that we always had somewhere to stay and were shown the places to go. We had an incredible tour guide, Michael, and the coolest bus driver Paolo who we might not have survived without! For the fabulous Contiki Company who I journeyed with on the European Highlights Tour: you are a brilliant bunch of people I hope to see plenty more times in the future! We have formulated many incredible stories (that have in the process somewhat corrupted me) which are quintessential to my overall experience and will always have a special place in my heart.

Until next time!


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