Europe 24.07.16

Sunday the 24th

An emotional goodbye was in store, as I had to farewell both my friends and my holiday.

I spent my last day in the city with Ashley where we shopped until our shoulders were burnt by the summer sun and feet all too tired. Indulgently, we treated ourselves to dinner on the Mayoral Plaza which was reminiscent of our visit to this area in the first few days of our tour – we were surprised by the tranquil ambience of a touristic plaza, even for a Sunday, which made our mealtime feel like a peaceful pause before we would be forced to return to the bustle of reality once more. Croquettes + Jamon + Paella + Cocktails = Satisfaction. Farewell Spain, you have been a treat!

The following day would consist of an early departure for the airport and then flight to Abu Dhabi and transfer to Sydney. I was dreading the cold weather and my immediate reintegration into work and studying. I don’t believe I have ever really wanted to go home when travelling, but it is what it is. In another frame of mind, the sooner I can reintegrate into real life, the sooner I will be able to return to Europe and travelling!


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